We started i-Fashion Magazine 10 years ago to showcase some of the many talented Models, Designers, Make-up Artists, Hair Stylists, Photographers and Stylist. Generally, anyone within the fashion Industry.

This outlet was created to reach a much broader fashion audience and for creative minds to get together and share knowledge and experiences.

We welcome and cover those NEW to the business as well as your SEASONED professionals


March 2018

Have you ever watched a movie once and it was great, but the second time around, you noticed things that you may have missed and it made the movie even better? That’s the feeling we got with this issue. There are so many new players, it’s hard to not go back and say “wait a minute,” this actually looks awesome.

The cover is no other than famed photographer Nina Pak. Her style has always impressed the i-Fashion team so it was just a matter of time before she graced our cover. And here it is. Nina’s unique style is not only eye catching, it’s timeless and memorable. We have a great line up of fashionistas in this issue. We took so many different flavors of fashion and Continue reading “Magazine”

About Us

Lloyd Crawford – Editor-n-Chief

Nichelle Nelson – Managing Editor

Midori Amae – Creative Director

Chanise Smith – Children’s Fashion Director 

Willie Hall – Creative Fashion Director 

Rosena Nelson – Blogger / Stylist

Karl M. Lee – Director of Photography

Dennis Madigan – Photographer

Theresa Racine – Marketing Exec.

Samantha Claudio – Executive Asst. / Media Relations




Earthy In Paris

Seems like the earth tones is the thing for Paris Fashion Week RTW 2018.  An avid array of rust, beige, orange and yellow garments graced the Paris runways this season. Models walked down the runway wearing mismatched ceramic earrings, mules with geometric heels, sarongs tied nonchalantly around their hips, and wide headbands for Jacquemus’ beach-inspired spring collection.