i-Fashion Magazine serves as a guide and information resource for the fashion attentive individual who is devoted to deepening their craft. Through our magazine, website, research, international and domestic social networks and events, i-fashion magazine provides readers with both the community and strategies needed to thrive in the fashion industry. Because we care about being culturally sensitive, we are culturally inclusive of new and seasoned talent in the fashion industry.

While i-Fashion magazine is the foundation of our brand and after 10 years remains the strongest and most consistent link to our multicultural audience, the i-Fashion world addresses all of the needs of the fashion community. Our uniqueness lies in our diversity in scope from business to design to photography.

On behalf of the i-Fashion Team, I’d like to express our appreciation for your support.

January ’19

This issue… is the issue that will set the standard for other issues to come.

It’s amazing when you finally realize that growth, both personal and professional, requires not only hard work, but surrounding yourself with people who are dedicated to helping you grow. It’s difficult to challenge yourself and frustrating when others challenge you…AND incredibly rewarding when you finally get it, begin to think outside of the box and realize that since you’ve been challenged, you’ve grown and your product has grown. Those who are challenging you are also growing and those who are stagnant…Oh well. No need to look in the rear view mirror.

This 40 plus and marvelous issue is meant for, you, our readers to see and read what challenges and triumphs those who have been in the business for a long time are facing and have faced. It also gives you a look at those who have started their career at a later age and what it takes to move forward. You’ll get a deep and inside look at accomplished individuals with solid professions such as doctors, lawyers and business owners who have taken up modeling and fashion related interests as a means of self-growth and living long time dreams or helping others live their dreams.

In this age of women empowerment modeling is much more than the outside appearance. The way we look, dress and walk is only a catalyst for our true selves. The men and women in this issue are icons in their own unique ways. Their stories are engaging and powerful. Let this also be an opportunity for you to take a reflective and introspective look at yourself, what you have contributed and the dreams you have lived and still want to manifest.

Personally, it was a challenge for me to put this issue together because it took me completely out of my comfort zone and had me take a deeper look at myself, my business and help these individuals tell their stories. Stories that will hopefully uplift and help the younger generation take themselves and their careers more seriously.

About Us

  Lloyd Crawford – Editor-n-Chief

Costa Rican born and Brooklyn raised Lloyd Crawford started i-Fashion (i-fashionmag.com) magazine with the hopes of shining a lens on the diversity in the fashion world. His love of the camera and fashion lead him to create i-Fashion Magazine. The magazine’s mission is creating a platform for creative minds to build and share through colors, design and ultimately fashion; both domestically and internationally. Lloyd’s ability to straddle the worlds of business, photography and design makes him a man of diversity and inclusion.

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