July ’17 (Swim)

July (Swim)

Finally, Summer is here and i-Fashion is ready to celebrate in style, Resort wear style, that is. I was born in the heat of Costa Rica so it’s only natural that I celebrate summer all year ‘round. Imagine yourself sitting pool side at the Arenas del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort, sipping on some exotic drink, being catered too like a king or Queen. This is the lifestyle one should reach for and I-fashion is giving you some of the latest resort wear pieces to take along with you on your fantasy trip.
We got into the swimwear business because so many people were doing it incorrectly. Somewhere along the years, someone took the class out of swimwear and we felt it is our duty to put it back. Swimwear not only consist of……well, a one or two piece garment, but the elegance is within the outfit.
Pairing a nice bag, jewelry, cover-up and maybe heels or sandals, completes an outfit that makes one say, This is not for the water, this is to sit poolside and look beautiful. That’s what the i-Fashion brand is about.

We admire some of the designers who want to bring the elegance back into the swimsuit and take their designs to a whole other level. Brands like Gottex, Chic & Curvy, Tricia Grant Lewis out of Granada, Red Siren and Erica Jackson all understand that its ok to be sexy, but at the same time not losing the classiness. This is something that’s hard to do with such limited material.

We did mention Costa Rica as a getaway but we also covered the top ten resorts in the world. From Africa to China, St. Lucia to Nicaragua, these resorts will blow your mind.

Well, I’m not going to hold you back with a lot of talk now but once again, thank you all for the support you’ve given i-Fashion and making the brand grow into what it is today.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Lloyd Crawford