• Fashion Photography
    When showcasing your designs, whether its
    gowns, jewelry, shoes or t-shirts, the most
    important thing is that your look-book
    showcases your hard work with the best possible
    images. I Specialize in making sure that you get
    those top images to present to those important

    Your first impression is everything so let's get
    it right the first time
  • Beauty Photography
    Capturing some of the most beautiful moments
    is what makes photography so special.
    Some may feel that intense lighting, exuberant
    hair and make-up & a host of other effects are what's
    needed to accomplish this when in fact, in most
    instances, all you need is the right mood and
    You will be surprised at what can be accomplish
  • Look Books & Portfolios
    Nothing is more important to the advancement of your
    career than having your Look Book / Portfolio in
    order. Not only is this a representation of what you
    can do or have accomplished, it shows that you are
    a professional and should be taken seriously.
    Whether your just starting your portfolio or just
    need to update it, let me help you take it to the next level.
  • Creative
    I can't imagine anything worse than
    looking at a picture and not getting any
    feel from it. i-Fashion Photography will be
    imaginative and artistic when its time
    to shoot. When working with us or any other
    photgrapher, it is important to push your
    limits and be as creative as possible.
    Your Imagination is a window to a world of new experiences.
  • i-Fashion Management
    i-Fashion Management offers some of the
    best management guidance in the fashion
    industry. We make sure that our clients
    are prepared for whatever their careers
    throws at them. Our extensive industry
    contacts are always seeking our talent
    because they are ALWAYS professional,
    prepared and on time.
  • i-Fashion Magazine
    Created to showcase the emerging as well as the
    experienced, model, designer, make-up artist, stylist,
    photographers and basically anyone that has anything
    to do with the fashion industry. The magazine
    started as an on-line publication but will be
    available in certain magazine stores in APRIL 2012

Welcome To i-Fashion Photo..by Lloyd Crawford

Welcome to the Ultimate in Beauty & Fashion Photography.

For over 20 years, I have been dedicated in building look books and portfolios for models and designers. I encourage you not only to take a look at my work but leave any feedback that you can enhance my creativity. is an art form so there is no right or wrong, just a capture of light at a moment that will never happen again.

It's weird that photographers spend years or even a whole lifetime, trying to capture moments that added together, don't even amount to a couple of hours. 

~James Lalropui Keivom