February ’18

February 2018 – Fashion Week Issue

Fashion Week is always a special time in NYC. We get a chance to see what the old and new have been secretly creating in their hideaways and are now ready to share their remarkable creativity with the world. I’m not only talking about the designers that grace several hundreds of runways across the city. I’m also referring to those makeup artists and hairstylists who have the delicate job of bringing to life the ideas of the designers so that the look of their garments are complete. I look forward to my fellow photographers in

the pit who talk so much smack about which camera is better, which angle is better, which shot at the end of the day is going to get published and which is going to get more likes on Facebook or Instagram. I look forward to seeing how some of us get more creative with dressing ourselves as we head out to various shows. Yes, Fashion week is a special time in NY. We draw attention from all over the world as they join us to see what’s new, what’s old that was made new and what will never get old.
We were honored to get invited to so many shows that showcased a variety of emerging designers as well as many of our old favorites. The i-Fashion team got very creative this year and not only shot runways but created a buzz when conducting a photo shoot outside of certain shows.

We released this issue along with the March issue to give you more and more entertaining fashion.

Yes, fashion week is a great time to meet my new and old friends and breathe more life into a never dying profession. Also, don’t forget, we turn 10 years old this year so look forward to seeing you at our event on May 12th.

Until then, Thanks for all your much appreciated support.


Lloyd Crawford
i-Fashion Magazine